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Japan Webinar: Business Trips to Japan   This Webinar (in German) teaches you how to avoid the most embarassing situations that can happen on a business trip (Module 1). It also contains many tips on how to successfully negotiate and work together with Japanese counterparts. The Webinars are very flexible and can be adjusted to your needs, can be done on weekends or in the evening, and can be booked on short notice.. Japan eLearning Program & Webinar Packet No   time   for   an   intercultural   Japan   seminar?   With   the   eLearning program   you   can   prepare   yourself   for   your   future   Japan   dealings at   your   own   convenience.   The   program   contains   the   material   of   2- day   seminar,   and   the   course   material   is   regularly   checked,   fun   to do   and   very   interactive.   For   only   €495   you   can   have   access   to   the eLearning   program   and   a   90-min   Webinar   to   tie   everything   in   to your   company’s   current   situation   (eLearning   in   German,   Webinar can be in English or German).
No time for a live seminar? eLearning and Webinars provide a valuable alternative to get get you ready for Japan.
Our customers have always been very satisfied with our trainings. Browse through their comments in our References.
Webinar prices: Module 1: 90 min Module 2: 90 min €200 per module Japan eLearning price: Software + 90 min Webinar: €495
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Japan Webinar and Japan eLearning For those who can’t leave their desk But still want a flexible training customized to their needs In German or English
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